Being a good corporate citizen and operating with integrity is central to how we do business. 

Impact Investment

Impact investing is unlocking significant sums of private investment capital to complement public resources and philanthropy in addressing pressing global challenges. VIAMC is proud to play a leading role, alongside others committed to growing this marketplace. Join VIAMC and hundreds of impact investors who are engaged in this movement to redefine the role of capital and channel its full power to create a better world.


At VIAMC, we take our stewardship and environmental, social and governance (ESG) roles seriously. As we are active long-term responsible investors, stewardship and ESG are fundamental components of our company-wide investment philosophy and process. It is about understanding everything there is to know about an asset, especially its risks and opportunities. We do this before making any investment, ensuring we build only the highest-quality portfolios for our clients. In addition, we also offer clients bespoke ESG solutions to meet their investment needs.


Aligning our brand with those who share our values and ambition helps us to strengthen and build our business around the world. It is also one of the ways that we are able to support the communities in which we operate. Our partnerships reflect our belief in continuous development, performance and sustainable growth – and we aim to inspire excellence in whatever we put our name to. Our commitment to excellence and our depth of expertise across a talented team provide a combination that continues to deliver potential and give our customers confidence. We believe teams that work together succeed together. Our sponsorship partners personify this.

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