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Value from Inspiration

VI Asset Management is a multi-billion dollar asset manager with a presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea.

VI Asia Private Credit

VI Asia Private Credit provides finance to SMEs in Asia-Pacific that are underserved by traditional financing channels. These SMEs are structurally underfunded and require capital to transition to the next stage of growth and a more sustainable mode of operation - we call this 'Transitional Capital'. We take a value-added approach to our portfolio management and look to create win-win situations by helping portfolio companies improve various aspects of their business.


In our private credit strategy, we aim to make secured investments that deliver superior, uncorrelated and consistent risk-adjusted returns that are supported by robust collateral and security packages. Our typical investment approach emphasises having a direct relationship with and access to the borrower, and therefore, we are often the lead investor or more likely are the sole investor in the transaction. This allows us the ability to diligence, structure and monitor each investment meticulously to address the risks associated with each investment to ensure successful outcomes each time. We will primarily invest in private credit or credit-like securities issued by SMEs (defined as borrowers with EBITDA of between US$10 million and US$50 million at the time of investment) which have strong underlying businesses with stable cash flows and quality asset base and are led by strong management teams.

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