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Our Responsibility

We recognise our responsibility towards creating a more sustainable future, accordingly ESG integration, forms a core part of our investment process, as well as how we do business in general. We view sustainability as an important factor that may impact business performance and therefore must be carefully considered as part of our investment process. Due to our direct engagement with portfolio companies, we may have the ability to be an influencer and a 'force for good' and we seek to encourage our portfolio companies to advance the principles of ESG responsibility. 


Our Philosophy

We are committed to supporting sustainable business practices that generate positive ESG impact through the investment programs managed or advised by us. We believe that by integrating ESG into business and governance processes, we can help to create more successful and sustainable businesses, including our own, over the longer term and generate enhanced value for all stakeholders. 

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Our Objectives and Principles

Through our ESG integrated investment approach, we identify incremental value-creation opportunities and potential risks to make better investment decisions to protect and enhance investment returns. We also look to ensure portfolio companies act in a responsible manner towards their stakeholders and that effective management of material ESG factors lead both to enhanced long-term value and minimal negative impact.

Avoid Harm

We seek to avoid investments whose practices or products cause significant environmental or social harm

Implement Systematically

Implementation of ESG factors are embedded within our investment process and portfolio management procedures without exception


We focus on material ESG factors, as defined by their importance to a given investment's stakeholders and the likelihood and magnitude of business or social impact

Stakeholder Engagement

We work closely with our stakeholders to highlight ESG risk factors and incorporate these items into our investment approach

Improve ESG Performance

We are an active investor and commit to improving ESG awareness, performance and reporting practices for each investment and strategy

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