About Us

Our business is its people. We are a close-knit community of diverse, dynamic, seasoned professionals who share the common values of VIAM. Our collaborative and entrepreneurial culture combined with the deep regional knowledge, insight and relationships of the team helps our business provide a unique offering for our clients.


Excellence is inherent in everything that we practice. We deliver the highest levels of service to our investors, underpinned by effective governance, complete transparency and a robust operational infrastructure which harnesses the power of technology to meet the increasing demands of today’s global financial markets. We take inspiration from our partners. Using our extensive market expertise and experience spanning several decades combined with a consistent, disciplined investment approach, we work to identify the most promising opportunities and work closely with our partners to create value for our stakeholders.  

VIAM is registered with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and licensed to conduct Type 1 (Dealing in Securities), Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management) regulated activities.


Our Team

Our team is comprised of talented and seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience

웃는 소녀
Chief Executive Officer
Hong Kong
Larry Xin
웃는 소녀
Head of Private Credit
Hong Kong
Mei Colani Li
웃는 소녀
Co-Founder Private Credit
Sze-Liang Lim

Our Values